In order to self-motivate and to ensure I write each day, I signed up for word of the day emails. Now, I get a word in my inbox every morning and by the end of the day write a new piece either incorporating the word or encapsulating its meaning.

That's the idea anyway.

Please enjoy.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


life's journey
on winding roads
from expectation
to unexpected destination
with break downs and break ups
and detours and make ups
with pit stops in places
we never had dreamed
scenic lookouts discovered
over vistas serene
stays at caravansaries
diverse yet the same
before we drive on
in the sun, snow or rain

Friday, February 23, 2018


when we met
i thought we'd meld
but you are acid

and i melt
corroded by
the chemical you

had a little micropoetry form fun today with stanzas of
3 syllables, 4 syllables, 5 syllables
3 syllables, 4 syllables, 5 syllables

also if you type the word syllables enough it looks really odd

Thursday, February 22, 2018


you think you can dismiss them
for you forget that you yourself once were one
you think distraction or exhaustion will fell them
for you forget that you yourself once were one

and you forget
their fight not fueled 
by petulance and pettiness
as your fight seems to be

and you forget
that youthful vigor's expanse 
is here fed by righteous anger 
against the corruption 
and cruelty and cowardice
of those who run from justice
for those who ran from bullets

you forget
to fear the plangent howl 
of grief and rage

you who dare not cede the stage 
to indignant, guiltless grace

you who've lost your integrity
as you gained your age
and are too frightened 
to stare truth in the face 

you forget the courage it takes 
to stand up and make their case

you forget the power 
of conviction that they embrace

for you forget
that after you are gone
those children will still be running the race
they will be the ones to take your place 
and they will reshape the world 
out of this tragedy and disgrace

do not think you can dismiss them
do not forget that you yourself once were one

though never one like them

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


the dilemma remains
how to explain
my essence
in a sense
in such a way
both familiar and new
for them to click through
the diamond in rough
just different enough
to demarcate from
the next swipe
by the words i type
or the books i like
my style or hair
to have the air
you don't care
but you care
else why would
any of us be here

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


a life aged out of
and most days merrily
but occasionally
I ache for the wooden table
above terrazzo floor
cat curled on a chair
doberman at the door
brother in the family room
mother in the den
pops and I playing cards
at that table in the kitchen
this was my refection
and spirit that was
so renewed
by family and home
now peace must find
in memory imbued
now nostalgia
I imbibe
then phone calls make
and thus revive

Monday, February 19, 2018


the weight of tragedy
daily arrives
by fright load
by freight load
some days
we wake to weep
from morn to sleep
some days
we close our eyes
afraid to rise
some days
we wonder why
we'd even try
but still abides
our sanguine side
that sees the point
the morning lark to sing
with changes yet to bring
as alarm bell rings
and bids us up
to cheerful fight
encroaching dark
with inner light

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Three years gone by and every day I write.
I set my fingers typing out the word
the dictionary sets me to spotlight
in verse precise or in meter absurd.

A silly task that I myself have set
and I thought no one but myself to please
in scribbling out each ode, verse, or sonnet
I had none but myself here to appease.

And yet, somehow, some readers have I found
who periodic scan this poet's rhyme
and that you do makes my heartbeat resound
that you have given me some of your time.

No panegyric great enough to say
how grateful I am for you all each day.